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I take commissions for character art! c: INFO HERE
...There was no need to combine those words.
But I did it anyway.

Hark! - the promised feature journal, in which I struggled to showcase some of my longtime (and newer! :heart:) friends' work with just a few pieces. I started with five works each but figured hey - in denying myself and picking just three, maybe readers would feel denied, too, and all the more anxious to get up in those galleries and see more of their beautiful work.

And that's really what I want the readers of this journal to do, because my friends deserve it. They have supported and inspired me, some of them for years now. Sharing a few of their brilliant works in the hope you might find inspiration in them, too, is the least I can do for people as marvelous as them. It's not much, but I hope it's alright, you guys ;u; :heart: Love you and look forward to 2016!

:iconakreiko: AKreiko
she is my babbu and i am her sloth-chan

Ribrato by AKreiko RenKun by AKreiko Rib is Singing by AKreiko

:iconemiops: Emiops
the waifu whose weebcave is my second home

Bakery Bear by Emiops Sago by Emiops Suna the Blue Ogre by Emiops

:iconkatnap8181: KatNap8181
the ketchup to my mustard, circa 2002

MYO Kitterpillar - Mei by KatNap8181 Inktober 15.31 by KatNap8181 A Heart Full of Poke by KatNap8181

:iconraru-tan: raru-tan
my smeepai with whom i've had the honor of spitting many a sick rhyme & teaching many a president to dance

Immortals by raru-tan Coffee VS Seafood by raru-tan A Cafe In Paris by raru-tan

:iconanonthedarkone: AnonTheDarkOne
the multitalented, longtime friend who hasn't once hesitated to share a deep discussion, thoughtful comment, or encouraging word

Fire Hair by AnonTheDarkOne Destiny: The Tangled Strand of Fate by AnonTheDarkOne Mars Eye Version 2 by AnonTheDarkOne

:iconwinter-wisp: Winter-Wisp
a friend wise and talented beyond her years, and always up for tagteaming long-derp

Rend: The Night Sky by Winter-Wisp Gogoat and Friends: Pokemon XY by Winter-Wisp ID-Forest Prince by Winter-Wisp

:iconcyanodrake: CyanoDrake
a friend whose artwork, encouragement, and admiration for cath's pants never fails to bring a smile to my face

CPS: Secret Santa Gift For Alek by CyanoDrake Loneliness [UT Spoiler] by CyanoDrake Okojo-san Screencap Redraw by CyanoDrake

:icondestinyfailsus: DestinyFailsUs
one of the kindest and most passionate indie devs i've met. she is so inspiring and talented
Happy Birthday! by DestinyFailsUs [DFU VN] Demo and Kickstarter by DestinyFailsUs [DFU VN] Updated WIP BG Preview | Gym Entrance by DestinyFailsUs

:iconagentchimendez: agentchimendez
a new frand (//froths at mouth) who still hasn't run away yet (ok emoji). (//muffled screaming in background: gEt OUT while you CAANN)

AT - Miri by agentchimendez Asper by agentchimendez stop that by agentchimendez

:iconsilvery-storm: Silvery-Storm
and last but not least...wait who is this
jk. my soulm8
pls don't tase me for featuring older work; i couldn't leave u out m8

Street HaikuSirens cascading—
And the glow of neon lights
Through the city streets.
The shadows of dusk
Awaken sleeping streetlights—
A dog’s bark echoes
Cats weave through puddles—
The ground is slick with rain
After evening storms
Down the avenue—
A couple walks hand in hand
Shaded by the trees
On the corner:
The vendor and his food cart—
An interest of birds
The pickpocket stands
In the dark of an alley—
Here comes a handbag
Midnight is filled
With laughing and fast chatter—
Sound brighter than light
The smell of traffic—
Cars trundle off to work and
The smog never lifts
Normally haiku
Are of nature not cities—
I was curious.
TeoThe sound of scaffolds collapsing and a young voice crying out broke the eerie silence of the alley. The Commander turned. She saw the soldier at the end of the path as the fallen wood erupted into flames behind him. He stood as an armed shadow against the heat and light; blue and white uniform patched with burns, green curls damp with sweat, young face smeared with ash. Cinders danced around him like fireflies before rising into a blackened night sky. Their light reflected off his gleaming swords and his dark eyes, which narrowed when they met her stare. Her pale eyes widened.
“He’s just a boy…”
The mercenary badge gleamed copper on the soldier’s belt. He raised his weapons: two cutlasses, stained with a blood-red stripe, and shouted.
“Intruder! This is our village!”
They watched each other like hunters in new territory, waiting for the next move as wood crackled and breathed smoke around them. The Commander sheathed her axe and steppe
Xmas: Karaoke“Okay green-eyes, hold it steady while I tape it up.”
Steven called down to him from atop a ladder. Fitch grunted, holding his hands above his head. His eyes were gleaming. Overhead, gold tinsel was glowing green and floating near the ceiling.
“I’m trying… But I’ve never lifted something like this.”
“You’re doing great.” As he spoke, a floating piece of duct tape screeched as it was unrolled in mid-air.
Unfortunately, nobody realised what Acer was doing until it was too late. The red-headed boy, sporting a green elf-hat, turned on the karaoke machine. He picked up the microphone, grinned and took a deep breath as the music started.
Everyone decorating the room froze, shoulders hunched. Slowly, they turned and looked at him with wide eyes. Linus, holding baubles for the tree, said what everyone was thinking.
“Oh, no…”

Happy New Year!

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  • Reading: Black Butler
  • Watching: Tiger & Bunny
  • Playing: Skyrim
  • Eating: sirrul
  • Drinking: wotr


100% organic weirdo
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hey there ;D Call me Shin. You may also know me as SheerGlade, the person responsible for this atrocity.

I love stories and trying and failing at art. My passion lies with the crazy little people in my head that force me to also attempt to write about them. I love getting to know all the amazing artists on this site, too, so don't ever hesitate to drop me a note or comment c: I'm pretty lame but my friends are awesome k

Lemmasoft * tumblr

:iconsilvery-storm::iconshinkami: soulmate sharkbait shooti nee-chan

Babbus/Buddies/Beautiful people :heart:

:iconkatnap8181: :icontianmei24: :iconemiops: :iconraru-tan: :iconanonthedarkone: :iconakreiko: :iconrachazz: :iconwinter-wisp: :icontomohime-chan76: :icondorektheancient: :icondestinyfailsus: :iconkafei-cup: :iconcyanodrake: :iconshadeybabey: :iconxavierward:

Favorite Artists/Inspirations

:iconmaglil: :iconcoconutmilkyway: :iconnadiezda: :iconk0ii: :iconnuuti: :iconnanomortis:

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AllKindsOfYES Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2015  Professional General Artist
Napstablook icon F2U Undertale soul or a pixel heart This is your special little welcome to :iconundertaleinteractive: 
I do hope you enjoy your stay~ Napstablook 
AKreiko Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2015  Student General Artist
This is 2 days late already and I'm sorry for the lack of interaction we've been having lately and if I haven't checked your latest deviations and journals too but I just wanted to wish you a happy wonderful awesome exceptional coffee-filled epic birthday (I hope you did? :D) and you are a wonderful person and I really do miss you!! Is Essence going well? Are things on the right track for you? lol why does this sound like a letter but hey I love you Sloth-chan and again, belated happy birthday to one of my favorite internet furendos! :hug:
Shinkami Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2015  Student Digital Artist
bahaha reiko in no way shape or form should you ever apologize for commenting late or something because just look at how long it took me to respond XD i'm a piece of garbage but thank you so much for wishing me a happy birthday! it really was nice; it feels like i've gotten a little bit of my crap together and figured some things out this year, so it's been a good one.

I miss you toofhaiohfisoghaogh AND WHAT ABOUT YOU?? ARE THINGS GOING WELL FOR YOU?

Essence is going. I think people would be totally justified in losing their faith in me for how long it's taking (and will continue to take ;D; ) but I am definitely working on it; I try not to feel bad about it because I've just had to accept that as much as I hate it, it's going to take me a while. I know the journey's really satisfying for me so hopefully the end product will be worth it ;u;

I LOVE YOU TOO REIKO and hope you're doing well! thanks again!
AKreiko Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2015  Student General Artist
We're both trashes then, I took longer to reply! XD (but you're the high quality trash ewe) (but hey trash can be treasure to others ya know! wink wink) is2g you'll curse the internet connection in this place, no wonder we're named as one of the worst places with internet access...I'm not surprised.

I'm really glad it's been a nice year for you! ;u; What's better than sorting things little by little right? Always rooting for you! And I seriously do miss you. I just wish I could open this webpage on chrome as fast as I could press open an app on mobile. So there we are, limited to reblogging each other's stuff on tumblr (but yo we can message there too afterall? ;w; ). :XD:
I on the other hand have had mixed feelings about it. Not gonna elaborate on the drama or else I might fill up this whole page. xD Hopefully things will be better next year? (lol it's just two days away--)

AND ESSENCE. I really miss the gang! Since I do miss them I'll check on the inbox later ewe
It's okay if it's going to take longer though, if you think it'll come out better and closer to what you are planning to achieve, then there's nothing wrong waiting for it! It's always worth it to see Cath's pants.//bricked

AND NO THANK YOU SLOTH-CHAN I love you too and I wish you an epic New Year! :hug:
CyanoDrake Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Birthday, Shin! :hug:
Shinkami Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Thank you so much, Dratini! I'm so grateful you're my friend! :heart:
CyanoDrake Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome, I am too. ^^
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Happy Birthday :D! :iconbirthdaycakeplz:
Shinkami Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Thank you, man! :heart: It really was a nice birthday.

If I ever were to just doodle or something, is there a particular OC of yours you'd prefer? ;u; I know you don't expect anything in return but when I get the chance I'd just like to draw you a small something in appreciation for your friendship T^T
AnonTheDarkOne Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yasvmw :D :). Glad to hear it! What did you do?

You are right...I don't expect anything in return....buuuttt I love your art style so much I can't resist your kind offer :hug:. Hmm since you like hair, would you like to draw Tanwen? I've only drew her once (man I really need to draw her again) Fire Starter by AnonTheDarkOne and here is one a fellow deviant I commissioned did (to give a more detailed reference) Fire Starter by CamishCD and another one with color just in case Anons Realm by Skirtzzz (she's the one in the middle). I'd though you'd have fun with her hair since it's colorful and long. You can play around with it as much as you like, I only ask you keep the same colors and basic look (her clothes and glasses). Thank you so much :hug:. You know I need to draw you something now =P.
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